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Progressing to a higher state of thinking, surpassing previous limitations, and advancing to a more effective level of consciousness.
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Mountleap is your AI-powered partner, set on merging the prowess of artificial intelligence for game-changing results. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we're on a mission to democratize AI for businesses, unlocking potential like never before.
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People first, cultivating trust and innovation for tomorrow's benchmarks. As we pursue growth, we balance profit with planetary health, championing sustainable practices. With every decision, we uphold integrity, reflecting our unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

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We have had the pleasure of working with over 1000 clients, helping them achieve their goals and grow their businesses.


Our team has completed over 300 projects, ranging from website development to social media campaigns.


We pride ourselves on delivering 100% client satisfaction, ensuring that our clients' needs are met with excellence.
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Diana Larsson

Branding STrategy

Jack Henderson

Digital & Video Producer

Mali Akkison

Digital Experience

Yusuf Yanar

Content Strategy